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Policy Exclusion

  • Active participation in war whether declared or not, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, riot, civil commotion.
  • Aviation, except for fare paying passengers and crew of airlines and private flying purely for transport purposes.
  • Atomic energy and/or nuclear fission or reaction.
  • Intake of illegal drugs, self medication, overdose or use of drugs that have not been prescribed by a registered medical practitioner.
  • Participation in any hazardous sport or pursuit including rock climbing, scuba diving, hang-glinding and aided speed contests of any kind.
  • By intentional self-injury or attempted suicide(whether felonious or not), provoked assault or fighting (except in bona fide self-defense).
  • Directly or indirectly by or contributed to by or arising from ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel.

Monthly Contribution

Monthly contributions should be submitted by 10th of every month, any late payment shall attract a penelty of Ksh 50. Any delay after penalty will attract extra penalty

Grace Period

  • Upon registration as a member with a contribution of Ksh 200 membership fee, the subsequent monthly contribution commences in accordance to one's membership category. There is a grace period of 4 months before any member is elligible for any benefits.
  • For parents aged between 80-89 years, grace period shall be 6 months and 90 years and above, the grace period shall be 8 months.
Any additional dependent before and after a member completes a normal grace period of 4 months shall attract an extended grace period of 8 months. KUPA-KENYA does not provide partial support in case of demise before end of grace period or if any family member decides to chip in.


  • This shall result from either the member failing to contribute or employee failing to remit monthly contributions for a period of 2 consecutive months. In case of defaulting the contributions are non-refundable.
  • Where the member's contributions are not consistent on a monthly basis, then monies recieved shall not be reimbursed and this shall be rendered as a defaulter. Once considered a defaulter, the member will be notified through messaging from KUPA-KENYA or phone call.

Deactivation of a member

If you fail to pay for 2 consecutive months you shall be removed from the system automatically and notification message shall be sent to your phone.

Activation of a member

For a member to be activated, a penalty of Ksh 100 is charged by KUPA-KENYA paid to Till Number 869246 and shall go through 6 months grace period to qualify for services in case of a demise.

Next of Kin

  • A member shall be required to foward names of 2 people upon registration. These individuals shall be responsible to notify KUPA about the demise of a member.
  • The next of kin should be aware of the membership of the individual at KUPA-KENYA. Each member shall be required to nominate the 2 people during registration to liaise with KUPA upon death. This will include but not limited to spouce, child, parents, relative, or a legal counsel.

Member Demise

  • Any death must be reported to the association by writing, phone call or reporting to the nearest KUPA office.
  • It must be reported immediately when the incident occurs to help the associations make arrangements on how to cater for the member's decent send off.
  • Notice shall be either through enclosing a letter form employer confirming the death, copy of death notification from hospital, police or chief confirming the death among other legal avenues known.
  • Upon the death of a member, it is the responsibility of family members to transfer the body to the nearby mortuary in consultation with KUPA-KENYA.

Documents to be produced in case of a member's death

  • Original copy of Kenyan Identity Card (ID), or any other support document advised by KUPA-KENYA.
  • Original Kenyan birth certificate for children under our cover.
  • KUPA must meanwhile confirm from her records that the member has paid their contribution to the latter to be eligible for services provided by the association.
  • KUPA shall then cooperate with family members to process burial arrangements which shall not exceed 2 weeks from the date of notice.
  • KUPA shall be guided by the principal of interest of the member, which ensures giving final respect and ensuring proper burial to the member.
  • It is important that details of the member's ID conform to KUPA records; any changes in particulars MUST be notified to the office immediately (photocopies are not acceptable).


  • In case a child does not bare a birth certificate serial number during the time of registration for cover, a grace period of 3 to 6 months is given to acquire the birth certificate; failure to which a child is deemed not to be covered.
  • If a child attains the age of years they are deemed not to be adults, hence they are going to be automatically removed from the system.
  • KUPA shall only pay for mortuary expenses (liable to pay for mortuary fee) for a period of 12 weeks only, any additional days shall be at the expense of the family members.

Requirements to process claim

  • Stamped and signed letter from area chief.
  • Burial permit.
  • Photocopy or scanned copy of national ID or passport.
  • Residential address/burial place.