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Kenya Urban People Association (KUPA-KENYA) is an association that caters for the welfare of the Kenyan people living in the the rural and urban set-up. KUPA-KENYA is registered under the societies ACT and has been in existence since 2007. We recognize every member's attachement to their beloved at the same time they are bereaved. We work towards providing a decent send-off for members and families covered.


To facilitate/assist financially challenged Kenyans to get empowered in the event of unforeseen eventualities


To strengthen and consolidate self-confidence, empower and build capacity of Kenyans for sustainable development and protection from exploitation through pooling of resources together

Core Values

Transparency Accountabilty Confidentiality

Welcome to KUPA

Losing a loved one is one of the most awkward experiences a person can endure yet; this is what is inevitable for us all.

At some time or another we will have to face this reality, and then it strikes us how valuable time, loved ones and life is.

KUPA KENYA cannot prevent death or bring your loved ones back to life or make the pain disappear. We provide a shoulder to lean on as we say “Do not mourn alone, we care” in Kiswahili TUNAKUJALI!

Our Membership by Numbers

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We cover some of the funeral expenses in case of a covered member's demise, depending on the category of membership they belong to


With as little as Ksh 50 per day, members can save and earn an interest of 10%.
Our members can also borrow upto 4 times their savings

Food Basket

We support other financial needs during the burial ce remeony of a member.

At KUPA Kenya, they have a strong and reliable team.

KUPA Kenya are very fast and afficient in settling your claims.

Their savings product is very good, they offer one of the best interest rates in the market.

The customer service at KUPA is very good.


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Here is a summary of our membership categories and the monthly premiums in each

Bronze Membership

Ksh100 / month

  • Single Individual
  • Below age 69 yrs

Gold Membership

Ksh200 / month

  • Family Cover
  • Couples(husband & wife) below 69 yrs
  • Children below 17 yrs

Other Categories

Here are other categories for extended families cover, in-laws and family members aged 69 years and above

Alpha Plus

Ksh350 / month

  • Extended Family
  • In Laws
  • Both aged 69 yrs and below

Mega Select

Ksh500 / month

  • Family Cover
  • Caters for father, mother,children and (parents aged between 80-89 years)


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P.O Box 11197-00400, Nairobi-Kenya


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